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Published 1945

Issue #062- - - It’s Thanksgiving time….The war is over FINALLY. No more ration points, No more references to “the duration”, no more wartime phrases…

Well at least generally…

It’s kinda obvious that several most of the features here were penned DURING the war. … Prizes of War Bonds and War Stamps? Soldier stuff. Saluting. Corporal Gee Eye (GI otherwise know as Government Issue). The guilt inducing exhortation, “Is This Trip Necessary?” Scarce Soap?

An’ Goofy thinks that having no cuffs on his trousers is something worth a positive notice. This tome is jus’ full of reference to the war

BUT the war IS Over. Now what do we do? With the war being so much a part of the daily lives of the entire world, it’s kinda hard to change to a world with NO war. The adjustment to a peacetime daily routine just hasn’t happened here yet.

Noah 8-?

Year 1945
Pages 53
Language English
Collection classiccomics; comics; additional_collections


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Jeff Kaplan
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